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Tiffin night at Curry Inn, Needham Market, Suffolk



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Tiffin is a homemade Indian food cooked in a traditional authentic style with Indian navity vegetables and biryani.

Must be booked 48 hours in advance


The history of the Tiffin Lunchbox

Tiffin is a legacy hanging over since the time of the British Raj in the 18th Century and has become an integral part of Indian culture.

The origin of the British India tiffin has evolved to create a unique way of life. Tiffins/dhabbas are traditionally round, very much like our Curry Inn stack of four stainless steel compartments, which are firmly sealed with a tight-fitting lid and surrounding clip and handle on top for for carrying. The separate sections in the Tiffin stack contain Thali style lunches, retaining the heat and preserving them perfectly for the recipient to enjoy.

In Indian ‘Tiffin wallahs’ travel extraordinary distances to deliver lunch to offices and people working in the fields across India and return the empty stacks home again by the time people return home from work. The food is cooked at ‘home’ by family memebers with great care and love and this is seen as a healthy way to eat but also viewed as divine contentment. There is little time in the morning to cook and prepare a lunch for commuters before they leave for work, so the Tiffin boxes are filled by mid morning and are collected for delivery. Every Tiffin box is colour-coded and transported to the station, where they are collected by the tiffin wallahs. Their mission is to deliver each Tiffin lunchbox to its corresponding workplace still piping hot from the pan. It is well documented that the Tiffin Wallahs are so organised, punctual, honest and sincere that they are probably the most trustworthy employees on the planet. There delivery success rate is a breathtaking 99.99%.

There is a great similarity to Thali-style eating, with a selection of mouthwatering regional delicacies which could include traditional spicy vegetables, rice, bread, yoghurt, dhal and pickles, usually presented on a banana leaf of large steel platter.

Open every day including Bank Holidays 5pm - 11.30pm